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Body color

Display size


Touch Screen


CPU Frequency


Input Port

Storage capacity

Certifications & IP Rating


Power Consumption

Dimensions & Weight


Peripheral Options

Black/ white

10.4" TFT LED Backlight



Intel J1900

Dual Core 1.8 GHz
2GB DDR3 - up to 4 GB

LAN, USB, Line-out, Mic-in, 2 Built-in speakers

SSD 30G/ 60G/ 120G SATA



60 W maximum


Windows 7, Windows XP, POS Ready, Windows 8

Customer Display (VFD)

Customer Display (LCD)

Magnetic Card Reader (MCR & SCR)

RFID Reader

Fingerprint Reader

Wireless LAN (WiFi)

The iSPOS 10 WP impresses in a compact sized, attractive all-in-one design.

A perfect solution to suit those with requirements for easy installation, ease of use, and space-saving in an all-in-one touch POS system.  It is ideally suited for small and medium-sized business environment installation.

The iSPOS 10 WP fitted with LED high brightness screen, using IntelĀ® processor that consumes less power and yet still achieves high performance. In addition, the iSPOS 10 WP offers an array of integrated options for seamless and wireless communication such as card readers, RFID, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth...

The iSPOS 10 WP optimizes an innovative modular design to assist users in simplifying the maintenance process.  The built in printer with splash-proof cover also resolves the issues of paper jam and reduces damage rates due to accumulation of grease and dust.

Feature Highlight:

l   Small footprint satisfies limited space requirements

l   Flat screen LED backlight design

l   True flat panel with optional multi touch support

l   Solid State Drive (SSD)

l   Aluminum casing with exclusive nanotechnology coating

l   Built-in stereo speakers

l   Built-in high speed 220mm/s standalone thermal printer

l   Reduced print function to save paper and running cost

l  Optional connectivity: Wireless LAN/ 3G-GPRS/ Bluetooth/ MSR & RFID

l  Optional second display: VFD display/ 8.4" second customer monitor

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