What is the kiosk?

Kiosks, with the benefits of merchant boxes and combining them with special features, bring unique capabilities to customers in all types of businesses and industries.

Today, customers are looking for better and faster services, including accurate information, real-time answers, and, if possible, non-stand-by queues.

Senor has provided kiosks to respond to this demand, which can provide customers with the following:

• Price control and product search

• Ability to use audio and video files related to products

• View different information

• Advertising

Carbon Kiosks:

• Ticket systems at amusement centers such as: Zoo, Town Hall, Cinema and ...

• Registration system in health centers and hospitals

• A system for providing information or using services in banks

• Order registration system and payment in take-away restaurants and ....

about Sadad

Organizational values are lighthouses and guide the behavior and decision making bases of managers and employees of the organization. The most important values of SADAD's development organization are innovation, customer orientation, accuracy, and speed in answering and addressing the needs and problems of customers, which is in the speech, behavior and behavior of each employee of the company. We adhere to these values from the time the customer contacts with the company until after the sale and delivery of the goods, and we believe that sales are the only starting point for our commitment.

"Our goal is to develop structural SADAD"

Return guarantee for 7 days

The customer can return the product is purchased to the company and receive the full amount of his invoice from the purchase date for 7 days in the event of withdrawal from his purchase or dissatisfaction with the products. It is worth noting that the return of the product is purchased after the approval of the technical sector is possible only if the goods and packaging is healthy and not distorted, as well as the lack of device accessories (such as power cords, adapters, etc.), cartons and Its internal foam will invalidate this warranty.



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